World Ballet Day

I imagine it’s quite a feat to organise World Ballet Day so I think the organisers should be congratulated!

I had it playing on my computer in the background while I got on with some “work” and every so often watched what was going on.

Having spent some hours in ballet class when I was a child – always dressed in the correct uniform – it was a pleasure and surprise to see the eclectic mix of clothing! Everyone has their own style in class and obviously dress to suit their needs – whether they’re normally cold, hot or have particular muscles that need to be tended to.

One of the members of the Royal Ballet has created a website which features some of these styles:

I enjoyed watching the classes from around the world. It was interesting to see a Russian ballet class with all instructions given in Russian except for the ballet terms which were in French. French is obviously the universal language for Ballet and doesn’t get translated!

I once entered a competition to win a place at the Royal Ballet School but alas my legs were too short (from the knee to the ankle). It was an interesting experience and quite an eye-opener when you see the competition. I was only about 10 at the time so I guess it was around that time I could see I wasn’t going to be a Prima Ballerina. Now I like to draw and paint about ballet – much easier on the toes!

Here is a picture I painted while World Ballet Day was playing in the background.